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Lovisa Ståhl



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Mother language: Swedish

Spoken languages: Swedish, English

"Lovisa is a very encouraging, patient, friendly and attentive teacher and I enjoyed my first lesson very much. I am a complete beginner and Lovisa guided me very patiently through the first line of a song. I look forward to future lessons with her!"PK, Hamburg


I was educated at the Academy of music in Malmö, Lunds University, and I am now a music and guitar teacher. What I can help you with is teaching you how to play guitar, sing and to write songs. If you're interested in one of the things it's excellent, if you want to learn all of it, that's fine too!

I've released two albums myself and been playing in three continents. What I find wonderful with teaching music is how it increases the self confidence within a person. No matter if you're 7 or 70, you are able to play an instrument and you can write a song!


Master of Arts in education, music education, Academy of music in Malmö, Lunds university.


* Guitar teacher, at the music school - Malmö (age 9-13)
* Guitar teacher, Private - Malmö/Höllviken (age 7-55)
* Vocal/singing teacher - Malmö
* Music teacher - Several schools in Malmö and around.
* Baby rythmics (age 0-5)
* Songwriting workshops

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Guitar lessons

Singing/vocal lessons