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Felicia Chapman


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City / Country of origin: Calgary, Canada

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English


I am a native English speaker from Canada. I have a Masters degree and I am CELTA certified. I enjoy helping people to achieve their language learning goals.

I have worked in Canada, US, Uganda and the Philippines. I came to Manila as an International Volunteer and decided to stay when my contract ended. I enjoy training and facilitation, program design, management and implementation and volunteering.

I teach ESL at an international school for students aged 5 - 17. I am also a corporate trainer. I teach business communications courses to companies in Manila.

I enjoy helping people improve and gain confidence with their coversational English, as well as their reading, writing, editing and proofreading skills.


CELTA - International House Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Thailand (2017).

MA Communications and Leadership Studies - Gonzaga University, USA (2008).

BA Recreation and Leadership Studies - University of Waterloo, Canada (2001).


I teach ESL to students from Senior Kindergarten to High School at an international school. I also teach English online to studenta in China, grades 1 - 9.

I am a corporate trainer with the British Council. My speciality is business communications classes.

I have tutored high school students from Asia in various subjects, editing their essays and reports and correcting their grammar, pronunciation and conversational English.

I have taught independent living skills to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

In addition, I am skilled in editing interim and annual reports, marketing materials, handbooks, training materials and funding proposals to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

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