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Cassandra Marsillo


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City / Country of origin: Montreal, QC, Canada

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, French, Italian


Hi! I am an artist from Montreal, Canada and am now pursuing a degree in history. I am a tutor and aspiring educator who loves to travel, learn and teach. I like to keep busy and keep living!


Villa Maria High School (2003-2008), Montreal QC
-High School diploma
-World History prize, French certificate, Media certificate, Honour Roll prize

Marianopolis College (2008-2010), Montreal QC
-DEC in Creative Arts, Literature and Languages
-Fine Arts prize

Concordia University (2010-2014), Montreal QC
-Studio Arts Major, Italian Minor
-3.85 GPA
-Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction

Concordia University (present), Montreal QC
-Honours History Major

Sciences Po (exchange September-December 2014), Paris, France
-European History courses


I have tutored and taught children/teens between the ages of 4 and 16 in Montreal in English, French, Italian and math. I have also taught oil painting classes to children and adults.

I am comfortable working with children, teens as well as adults. I'm very easygoing and believe in flexible, fun learning.

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English Writing (Intermediate)