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Alexia Ostrolenk


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City / Country of origin: Paris, France

Mother language: French

Spoken languages: French, English, Italian

"She was well prepared with materials, exercises, etc."KT, Montreal


Hello !

I was born and raised in Paris, and I was always this annoying person at school that would correct everyone's spelling. I've stopped doing this with my friends, but it is definitely a useful characteristic when it comes to teaching french !

I love learning and teaching languages, and I would be glad to share my enthusiasm with you. I have been teaching and tutoring for years now, mostly children, teenagers and young adults, with great success.

I am also a neuroscientist, which makes me used to academic writing and science, and I would be happy to help with anything in that field.

I am fluent in English. My mother is italian, so I also grew up speaking italian at home, and my spanish is pretty good.


Master en Neurosciences Cognitives (UPMC - Paris - 2013)
Dual Master in Brain and Mind Science (UCL - London - 2012)
Bachelor's degree in Life Science (UPMC - Paris - 2011)
Baccalauréat scientifique français (Lycée Molière - Paris - 2007)


I have been teaching since my teenage years.
I've tutored in various subjects for children and teenagers from 6 years old to the end of high school : french, english, spanish, sciences, ...
I have been teaching french to my english-speaking Canadian partner recently, and he is doing great !

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