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Patricia Stoeckl


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City / Country of origin: Regensburg, Germany

Mother language: German

Spoken languages: German, English, French


Hallo, hi, salut! I am from a small village in Bavaria and am the eldest of 4 children. I am a very open, curious person and can get enthusiastic quickly about things that interest me. That is probably why I have always liked to travel and to live in other countries (Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada and only recently Nicaragua).I have always taken my studies and jobs seriously without losing track of my own true passions. You can count on my good sense of responsibility, reliability and honesty. I also see my strength in organizing and that I love to be challenged.


I studied German as a Foreign Language in Germany for 2 years and did an internship in a German language institute in Mexico. My main study was primary school teacher with the principal subjects being German, English, Maths and Music.I obtained both studying diplomas in Germany in 2006.


My working experience with private German classes includes teaching young German-Quebecois how to read and write, preparing a high-school class for a school-trip to Germany and helping students of all age to go through official German tests, amongst other. I like to go from what the students know and need. For sure, I will offer my own materials and books but I am very open to adapt to individual wishes. Creating and designing hand-outs and work-sheets are my specialty! :) In general, I like to combine teaching material with realistic examples, theatrical elements and lively explanations.

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German for (not only) Beginners