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Simone Landry


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City / Country of origin: Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Mother language: German

Spoken languages: English, French


Dedicated, ambitious, enthusiastic and committed ÖSD Qualified and CELTA Qualified Teacher with 6 years practical experience and approx. 2000 teaching hours. Success in providing activities and materials that engage and challenge the students intellectually. Thorough understanding of implementing the use of information technology in lesson preparation.

Engagierte, ehrgeizige, enthusiastische und ÖSD - und CELTA-Qualifizierte Lehrerin mit 6 Jahren praktischer Erfahrung und ca. 2000 Unterrichtsstunden. Erfolg bei der Bereitstellung von Aktivitäten und Materialien, die die Schüler intellektuell ansprechen und herausfordern. Umfassendes Verständnis für die Implementierung der Informationstechnologie in der Unterrichtsvorbereitung.


CELTA, 2012, International House Dubai, UAE.

OSD Qualifications from 2014-2016.


I have taught German in the Middle East for about 6 years, I worked for a language school and was also conducting OSD Exams from 2014-2017.

Appart from teaching I have been doing translations, worked on big projects for German Tourism and also have helped develop Online Materials for a local virtual class.

In my time as teacher I have had the opportunity to meet great ppl and I am constantly looking to learn something new myself, new techniques or new methods.

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