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Tanja Senica



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City / Country of origin: Graz, Austria

Mother language: German

Spoken languages: Slovenian, English, French

"Tanja is perfect"JZ, Surrey


Halli hallo! I finished my Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting in four languages: English, French, German, and Slovene. I have been giving language classes for over ten years now - at language institutes, university, as well as privately - and I just love it, I enjoy transmitting the knowledge to others!

I am very open-minded and eager to know other cultures; one of my biggest passions that goes hand in hand with languages is traveling :-) When I'm not traveling or working, I am usually out doing some sports...

Halli hallo! J'ai fini ma maîtrise en traduction et interprétariat en quatre langues: allemand, anglais, français et slovène. Je donne des cours de langues depuis plus de dix ans maintenant - que ça soit dans des écoles de langues, à l'université, ou bien privé. J'adore enseigner, transmettre des connaissances de langues à tous ce qui veulent apprendre!

Je suis très ouverte d'esprit et j'aime bien connaître d'autres cultures - voyager, c'est une de mes passions les plus importantes :-) Puis quand je ne suis pas en voyage ou au travail, je fais du sport...


Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Graz, Austria - 2014


I have been teaching all of the four languages that I studied for over 10 years now, but mainly German and Slovenian. I mostly taught in Graz, Austria, and in Montreal for the previous 3 years. My previous students come from diverse background, ranging from a 9-year old French-speaking Swiss girl to university students and other adults wishing to speak another language for professional or personal reasons.
Since I teach people who have completely different needs and expectations, I am very flexible when it comes to the method and topics of the classes. I like to take my time to get to know the student and adapt the structure and the pace of teaching. I'm glad that this has always been proven as extremely succesful.