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Geremia Lodi


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City / Country of origin: Italy

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, French

"Bien que je n'aie eu qu'une classe avec Geremia, et que j'aie dû reporter la poursuite de mon apprentissage à plus tard, j'ai eu l'occasion d'apprécier la qualité de son enseignement. Il était très attentif à mes besoins, prêt à s'adapter à ma situation particulière, et ce, avec enthousiasme et compétence. "Marion, Montreal


I am originally from Northern Italy and living in Montreal. I have just concluded my Masters in Music Education at McGill University. My thesis explored the embodied musical practice of artists such as Meredith Monk and Paoline Oliveros, to investigate the role of the body in creative processes of learning. I am a freelance music educator and performer with a strong background in pedagogy and teaching.


Masters Degree in Music Education, McGill University, Montreal
Bachelors Degree in Science of Education, University of Bergamo, Italy
Music Diploma: classic flute, Conservatory "Guido Cantelli", Novara, Italy


In Italy I taught lessons to foreigner students preparing for certificate exams. I learned how to create a curriculum to guide students in Italian language learning, from the ground up. I also produced specific didactic materials to reach my students needs and adhere to ministerial standards. Since I arrived in Canada three years ago, I have been giving private Italian lessons to opera singers at McGill University, as well as to families and individuals seeking colloquial Italian.