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Spoken languages: English, Mandarin


Hi, my name is Po-Shiang and I'm a taiwanese. I moved to Montreal about 4 years ago.

I'm currently studying Electrical engineering at McGill University.

I have strong formal background in mathematics and I like to help people understant math and science.

Tutors in subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry.


Westmount High School (September 2010 - september 2012)
Marianopolis College - Science (September 2012 - May 2014)
Newly admitted to McGill University – Electrical engineering

- Quebec Foundation for Academic Achievement's Fifteenth Annual Math Competition
2nd Place in the sec 4&5 level

- Waterloo University's Canadian Mathematics Competition
School Champion in the Cayley level

- The Chinese Mathematics Association Award
Third Price in the Eight Grade Class


Math Tutor (Taiwan)
- Explained complex concepts using easy terms
- Worked with students aged 7 to 15.
- Help student raised their grade.
- Home work helper.
- Created worksheets to help student prepare for exams.

Private Tutoring Elementary School (Taiwan)
- Math

After-school tutoring for high school student (Taiwan)
- Physics
- Chemistry

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Math is fun