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Portuguese Teachers - Montreal

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City / Country of origin: Sao Paulo

Mother language: Portuguese

Spoken languages: Spanish, English, French

"Je suis vraiment très content de ma première rencontre avec Wu. Il va droit à l'essentiel et sait s'adapter à mes besoins. Il est vraiment très sympathique et il me donne le goût de continuer d'apprendre le Portugais."Patrick, Longueuil


I am a Brazilian teacher and for many years I helped students in Brazilians Portuguese to improve their knowledge of writing, reading and speaking, also to prepare them for their exams.

I have been a resident of Canada for over ten years, and wish to continue my teaching to provide help for people wanting to speak, write, read and understand Brazilian Portuguese for educational studies, travel, business or simply improve their cultural understanding about Brazil. Graduated in Modern Languages from Concordia and Business Administration from Ottawa U.


Diplômé en (BA) langues modernes de l'Université Concordia, et Maîtrise en l'administration des affaires de l'Ottawa U.


Private teacher in Business and Conversational Portuguese. University Portuguese Tutor. Proofreading/translator English/French into Portuguese

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Portuguese Conversation (Travelers)