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Abel Fuchslocher



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City / Country of origin: Chile

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: Spanish, French, English


Mon expérience et formation en tant qu’écrivain, journaliste et traducteur font de moi une personne idoine pour enseigner l'Espagnol, dans tous ses niveaux.

My experience and training as a writer, journalist and translator make me an ideal person to teach Spanish in all its levels.

Mi experiencia y educación como escritor, periodista y traductor me hacen una persona idónea para enseñar el español en todos sus niveles.


Certificate in Translation, English and French into Spanish. McGill University, Montreal. 2010.

Bachelor (Hons) in Journalism and Communication, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Chile. 1998.

Certificate in Writing French for non-French Speakers, Université Uqàm, Montreal. 2008.


- As a Spanish proofreader, I have to keep a rich feedback with my clients. Canada. Now.

- I did Spanish writing and literature workshop to secondary students. Chile. 2005-2006.

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