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Tyler Mitchell


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City / Country of origin: USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, Japanese



My name is Tyler Mitchell. I'm an American who will be living in Nagasaki for at least the next two years and in Japan permanently. I just arrived here two months ago after earning my professional English bachelor's degree with honors from University of Idaho, and I'm currently looking for students!

While I'm somewhat new to the English teaching game, I have over ten years of experience with teaching music theory in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. During my time as a music teacher, I learned a lot about how to cater lessons to fit each individual student's needs. Of course, I also studied many teaching techniques and theories during my college career, so I feel I am a more well-rounded teacher than I've ever been.


2014, Associates Degree in English from North Idaho College. 3.78 GPA
2016, Bachelor's Degree in Professional English from University of Idaho. 4.0 GPA


I taught music theory and guitar for ten years in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (USA) at a shop called Guitar Stop. My students ranged from 5 year olds to 85 year olds.

I've also assisted non-native English speaking college students on English projects as small as daily homework and as large as master's degree theses.

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