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Matthew Hernandez

New York

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City / Country of origin: Chicago, IL USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, Spanish


Hi Students! My name is Matthew, I am delighted and thrilled to teach and tutor your English skills! My goal in teaching is to get you as close to fluent as possible. I am originally from Chicago IL, and live in New York City. I have a Bachelors Degree from Syracuse University and a Masters Degree from Manhattan School of Music. As you can probably guess, my interest is in language and Music. I am a professional opera singer as well as a teacher.

Learning to speak English is a challenge in itself; I like to work on casual conversational English, as well as a more professional setting English. If you are a musician, we will work on English used in rehearsal settings to make sure that you fully understand the terminology and direction. I am absolutely thrilled to work with you and I hope to help you get your English better than ever before! Age does not matter, it is never too late to learn!


Bachelors Degree- Syracuse University 2014
Masters Degree- Manhattan School of Music 2016


I have taught English as a Second language for a few years now, as well as Classical Voice and Music Theory in Chicago, New York and Syracuse. My students have ranged from 12 years old to 24. Should you want to work on Voice Lessons and Music theory or History, those are always an option!

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Basic Conversational English