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City / Country of origin: Ottawa-Gatineau, ON, Canada

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish


I am an Teacher of English as a Second Language with over 10 years of experience teaching the whole gamut of learners. I have taught taught all ages, levels of abilities, and people of various backgrounds. I love teaching, because I love teaching and learning language, culture, new ideas and skills. I enjoy swimming, yoga, biking, cooking, and checking out new events.


Interactive Multimedia, Algonquin College, 2013.

Bachelor of Education, uOtawa, 2012.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Language and Discourse Studies, Carleton University, 2011.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, Carleton University, 2011.


English for Business / Academic / Professional Purposes.


Cambridge Courses:
Certificate in Advanced English (CPE - C2), Certificate in Proficiency in English (CPE - C1), First Certificate in English test (FCE - B2), Preliminary English Test (PET - B1), Key English Test (KET - A2), Young Learners English (YLE - A1)

Canada: Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, Vancouver
The Netherlands: Rotterdam, Leiden, The Hague,
Tokyo: Tokyo, Yokohama

Courses by this teacher:

English Master Class (A1 through C2)