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Dana Marlin

Rio de Janeiro

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City / Country of origin: Chicago, USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, Portuguese


I have left the terrible snow and business of Chicago to be back where I belong, in Rio de Janeiro. My first experience with the cidade maravilhosa was in 2012 when I was studying Brazilian culture and Portuguese. That was also my first time teaching English as a Second Language. Teaching English is such a dynamic experience. Learning all the nuances of the language and trying to pass these along across different cultures makes every class fresh and exciting. Of course, I have been blessed to have amazing students who have come from different backgrounds and with different motivations for studying English. When I am not teaching, I enjoy visting art museums, cooking, and walking around the city.


IDELT TESOL certification, Bridge TEFL, January 2016.


English as a Second Language, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I taught adult learners will levels ranging from pre-intermediate to advanced.

English as a Second Language, Cabritos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I taught pre-teen and adult learners. These classes focused as a supplementary course. Students were generally intermediate to advanced.

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