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Kika Bonezzi

Sao Jose dos Campos

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 Not accepting new students

City / Country of origin: Joinville, Brasil

Mother language: Portuguese

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish


Kika loves languages and is a Brazilian Portuguese teacher. She has been offering online classes for people from all over the world and will be offering classes in person in São José dos Campos as of December 2017.

She has been teaching in Montreal in a number of schools, in company and privately for the last 6 years.

She is a certified teacher for French as a second language with emphasis in the communicative approach.

With her experience in the private sector, with international cooperation and environmental issues, she is able to navigate through different topics and to adapt her programs to the students needs.

She loves to spread the interest in the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture!

Want to know how she can help you improve your Portuguese skills? Send her a message now!

I've moved recently, so I won't be able to offer classes for a while.


CEFLE - Certificat d'enseignement de langue séconde, ISLC, 2014.

Sustainable development - UnB, 2005.

International relations - UnB, 2001.


I have six years of experience as a Portuguese teacher and have a certificate for teaching a foreign language with the communicative method. My classes are fun and interactive, with a lot of practice, conversation and the use of audiovisual resources, always considering grammar, vocabulary, culture and usage of the language.

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