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Zoe Alexopoulou


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City / Country of origin: Thessaloniki, Greece

Mother language: Greek

Spoken languages: English, German


I am Zoe and I am 27 years old. I am a linguist by profession and a Greek Language teacher by passion. Language acquisition is a fascinating experience and I adore being part of itI

I was always fond of languages, literature and teaching, so I decided to study at the School of Philosophy (Department of Philology and Linguistics) in Thessaloniki. I got my Bachelor's Degree in 2008 and I decided to combine my profession as a language tutor with further master education. In 2014 I visited the University of Reading and I had the chance to teach Greek to British adults. I am currently working on my research concerning second language acquisition and innovative language teaching techniques.

I have worked as a teacher in Greek public schools, teaching Greek to bilingual children who acquired Greek as their second language. I have also contributed to the writing of Greek language textbooks in collaboration with an academic research group. I have been teaching Greek as a second/foreign language to foreigners in an immigrant center in Thessaloniki since 2009.

I am currently working with refugees who acquire Greek as their second language.

Tutoring is equivalent to communication and in order for teaching to be effective, it must also make learning a truly interesting and enjoyable experience. My lessons focus on the special needs and interests of my students and they focus on personal material specially designed for every learning type.

Is it all still Greek to you?


Bachelor Degree in Philology (Linguistics) (Aristotle University Thessaloniki), 2008.

MA in Applied Linguistics (Aristotle University Thessaloniki), 2012.


2010 - today: Greek language lessons for refugees (children & adults) (Greek as L2).
2015 - today: online Greek language lessons (children & adults).
2011 - 2013: Greek language lessons in Reception Classes for children in Greek public schools & preparation of language teaching material based on innovative language teaching techniques.