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Alan Borenstein


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City / Country of origin: Toronto, Canada

Mother language: English


My name is Alan and I'm a native of Toronto, Canada. In the past seven years, I've traveled to 40 different countries. I like teaching ESL for the same reason that I like traveling. Working with students is a cultural exchange; I can share my opinions and perspectives about Canada and I can learn about places I've never been before. Just as I've been helped all over the world when traveling, I like to make foreigners feel more comfortable in my native country.


Bachelor of Arts: Professional Writing, York University, 2012

TEFL Certificate, ITTT, 2012


I've taught English in both India and South Korea. In India, I was working with deaf students, teaching English using sign language. During 2 years in South Korea, I worked with students from kindergarten to adults, primarily focusing on middle school and high school aged students. I really enjoy working with students 1-1 or in small groups.