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City / Country of origin: Toronto

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: French, Hungarian


Hello my name is Eric Major. I am an ESL teacher here in beautiful Toronto. I was born and raised in Montreal. I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Education Specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language and have been teaching ESL ever since. I have had the opportunity to teach in various settings, college (Seneca, Centennial, and Boreal), language schools, and privately.

Teaching ESL for me is like traveling to a foreign country without the cost. You learn about different cultures and customs without having to spend so much money. While I do enjoy traveling, I cannot always afford it. So talking to people from different places, I can learn about where they come from. I am lucky to have traveled extensively in US (Texas, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky, Vermont, to name but a few) and in Europe (Hungary, Spain, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland to name a few).

I love to travel, learn about culture, go to the theater, watch films from different countries, sightseeing, photography.


Bachelor of Education Specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language, Concordia University, Montreal, 1997
Bachelor of English Literature with a Minor in Education, Concordia University, Montreal, 1993


I have had the opportunity to teach various subjects, such as writing, speaking, grammar (all the essentials). I have only taught in Toronto, but have had students from all over the world, such as China, Brazil, Japan, France, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

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Fast Talk ESL