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Spoken languages: English


"The world is getting a whole lot smaller and flatter."

My name is Nicholas and I have been in the education business for a little over a year now. My main focus is on improving global cross-cultural understanding and communication. I was previously actively involved in the world's largest student run organization in leadership development and exchange internships. This has brought me all around Europe, Asia and North America on exploring different cultures, systems and developing my own personal global network. During my spare time, I love to pick up on new languages to get a simple understanding on communicating with others, currently I am fluent in English, Mandarin and have a basic knowledge of Cantonese and German.

In the future, I want to connect my international contacts together with my experiences in working and studying abroad to guide students in the future to create an innovative and culturally diverse working environment. My long term goal is to establish an educational institution that will impact the future generations through critical thinking and constantly challenging the social norms we have today to create a better future.

My goal for the future is to let "success not be defined by the grades or goods we have. Rather have it defined by the goals you have set to accomplish throughout your life and being grateful to the people who have gotten you there."


Bachelor of Commerce, University of British Columbia, 2013
Exchange Program, Copenhagen Business School, 2010


WEB International English, China, 6 months - Adult English communication
The Victoria Company, Italy, 2 month - Adult English conversation classes
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 1 year - University business english communication

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Getting into Asia