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Elena Taranenko


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City / Country of origin: Moscow, Russia

Mother language: Russian

Spoken languages: English, Other


A professional teacher and tutor. I was lucky to teach in Russia, Israel and Canada. I was teaching Russian and English to the students of various ages (from kindergarten to adults), cultural backgrounds and different needs. I use Explicit-Implicit method which includes conscious learning of the material and also drills. It is possible to arrange classes on Skype or in a virtual class-room of the Multi-Language Cafe or in person in Victoria BC where i reside. By nature i am very helpful, easy-going, enjoy teaching, books and my dog. She is a cutie! :)


Foreign Languages Teacher's Diploma obtained in Russia at the University of Foreign Languages in 1978.

At the University of Toronto i took a three year course to become an ESL/EFL teacher. I completed this course in 2000.

In 1998 I finished Shaw College in Toronto, ON and got my certificate in business administration.


I taught English and Russian in Russia, Israel and Canada. Presently I am a Russian Tutor and enjoy my job immensely. My students were the best and I was happy to reach kids and adults as well.

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