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Veronika Unjyan


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City / Country of origin: Armenia

Mother language: Armenian

Spoken languages: English, Russian, Armenian


Hi, I am Veronica. I come from Armenia. If you are interested in learning English, Spanish or Armenian with ease I`d love to teach you. I graduated from the Linguistic University in 2002 and I have been teaching ever since. I hold a diploma of Master`s Degree in Linguistics. I have been teaching for over 12 years. I have taught at different linguistic courses. For the past 2 years I have been teaching on-line.

I provide my students with all the necessary material. I am an near-native English speaker. My lessons focus on GRAMMAR, SPEAKING, LISTENING, PRONUNCIATION, VOCABULARY, READING, WRITING... I also teach IELTS. I choose material according to student`s requirements and level I try to find an individual approach for each student. I believe my lessons will not only be useful to my student, but also of great pleasure. You`ll start improving your skills as soon as you start taking lessons with me. I teach people of any age and any level.

Более 12 лет я преподаю английский. Я лингвист по специальности. Имею степень магистра в этой сфере. За моими плечами достаточно интенсивная преподавательская и переводческая практика, я преподавала английский как иностранный на нескольких лингвистических курсах, работникам международных организаций, в министерствах и.т.д. На данный момент преподаю в европейских лингвистических онлайн школах и онлайн школах СНГ, помимо английского также владею русским и испанским.


Diploma of Master's Degree. State Linguistic University of Armenia, 1997-2002.


I have been teaching English and Armenian, Spanish for over 12 years. My students are from all over the world: Armenia, Russia, England, America, Italy, Chili, Brazil... They are students of different ages and levels.

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