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Ellie Gregory (Berlin)

Speaks English, German

About the teacher

I'm a Berlin-based musician and teacher, originally from the UK. I speak fluent German, although I teach in English because whilst you are learning the cello, you can practice your English too!

I studied the cello and composition at a conservatory in England and also work as a music teacher for bilingual children in Berlin. I teach all levels, although I particularly enjoy teaching beginners and children.


Bachelor of Music with Honours, Birmingham Conservatoire, 2009


Music and English in Berlin and Barcelona to children and Adults, individually and in groups.

Courses by this teacher:

Cello Teacher
Cello Teachers Online

Karra Sandin (Stockholm)

Speaks English, German, Swedish

Mother language: English

About the teacher

Ich bin eine erfahrene Cello Lehrerin aus den USA und biete Unterricht für jedes Niveau und Alter. Ich habe an der San Francisco State University, Brandeis University, und der University of Illinois am Urbana-Champaign mein Studium mit Abschluss Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, und Künstler Diplom erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Nach meinem Studium an den Universitäten habe ich eine sechs jährige Ausbildung bei Irene Sharp als auch zehn Kurse in Suzuki Pädagogik absolviert.


Bachelor of Music, San Francisco State University, class of 1999.

Artist Diploma, Brandeis University, class of 2000.

Master of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, class of 2002.


Cello Lehrerin, Freie Musikschule Potsdam, 2013.

Cello teacher, San Francisco Community Music Center, 2006-2010.

Cello Teacher, West Portal Lutheran School, 2009-2010.

Privat Cellolehrerin, 1989.

Courses by this teacher:

Cello Teacher
Cello Teachers Online

Anna Nuzha (Stockholm)

Speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian

About the teacher

I'm ukrainian cellist, based in Stockholm from October of 2021
Teaching adults from 14 to 99 years as well as kids.
My experience on professional stage-more than 30 years. I have my own methods of teaching for each of you, based on 28-years of practice in National Music Academy of Ukraine and Music Colleage called after Glier.
I have the students-winners of International and local contests.
Teaching adults from 18 y.o.
I'm using the methods of europian, russian and ukrainian performing schools. I'm always finding right words to explain as well as my method based on showing how to play.
You will play solo and duo with me:)
I'm very friendly and open-mind!
I'm very gental in teaching, smiling person, always finding the special way how to teach you. I'm also making very enjoyable atmosphere during my cello lessons.
Let's do our first step together!
Look my YouTube (Anna Nuzha) and subscribe me on Instagram


My teachers:Boris Pergamenschikov, Rocco Fillippini, Vadim Tchervov
1. The post-graduate course of the Kiev State conservatoire (1992-1997)
2. The bachelor and master degree of the Kiev State Conservatoire (1987-1992)
3. The master-classic at the International Music Academy in Krakow (1994-1995)
4.The Schleswig-Holstein International Festival Lubeck 1995
"Musicades" International music festival (Lion 1999)
"Prague-Vienna-Budapest" International Summer Academy of chamber music (Austria 1999)
"Orlando-Festival" (Netherlands 1991)


23 years of the teaching experience on position of the Professor of cello at the National Music Academy of Ukraine.
7 years on position of leading teacher at the Music Institute called by Glier.
5 years of online cello lessons.

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