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Yun Cho (Montreal)

KRTeacher from Korea. Speaks Korean, English, French.


About the teacher

Hi I am Yun from Seoul South Korea. I am a native Korean speaker, teacher and the author of "I Can Speak Korean (for beginners)" grammar + exercise book and "Korean Folktale stories" published on Amazon. I am developing learning material tailored on your needs. I will teach you Korean in easy, simple way with fun exercise homework. Currently I am a Korean teacher at College and creating learning content online.


Educational Administration and Statistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2014.

I earned my master degree at UT at Austin in USA and obtained my bachelor degree of Education and English and National secondary school teaching certificate from Konkuk University Seoul, Korea.


I am the author of the books: "I Can Speak Korean (for beginners)" and "Korean Folktale Stories" on Amazon. I teach Korean to those who want to learn Korean. I am creating learning content online. I taught English to middle school students in Korea for 4 years. I have National secondary school teaching certificate so I became a public school English teacher when I graduated. I enjoy teaching!

Courses by this teacher:

Korean Teacher
Korean Teachers Online

Jin Hong (Montreal)

KRTeacher from Korea. Speaks English, Mandarin.

Mother language: Korean

About the teacher

Hi! I am a native Korean who is interested in teaching Korean language to those who are so much interested in Korea and its culture.
In my course, I focus not only on the language itself but the culture and notions behind the language.


I study history in McGill University


I have been teaching several students whose language is not Korean. I have also been teaching francophone students as well.

If you are worried about studying with English-speaking teacher, don't worry! Language is not simply about speaking but of understanding each other!

Courses by this teacher:

Korean Teacher
Korean Teachers Online

Jo LEE (Basel)

KRTeacher from Korea. Speaks Korean, English.

Mother language: Korean

About the teacher

- BA qualified Korean language teacher offers private/group lessons for all levels

- MA candidate in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (expected 2022)

- Courses built to the needs and abilities of students from Korean Alphabet (한글) to TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), from Sejong textbook to K-Pop lyrics.

I enjoy teaching and consider myself a patient and motivating teacher.
I use a various teaching method based on the students’ personality & needs.
I take teaching seriously and hope you understand that just attending some classes doesn’t make you speak fluent Korean or any foreign language. You need to do a certain amount of work before & after the class.
I can help you to learn more efficiently and effectively!


- MA candidate in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (expected 2022) at Kyunghee University

- BA in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language in Korea at Open University

- BA in History at Sookmyung Women's University


- Qualified & Certified Korean Language Teacher

- Worked at Multicultural Family Support Center in Seoul for 2 years including ;
1) Regular language course (level 3)
2) TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean, advanced level)
3) Korean Culture & Language (level 4)

- Worked at Rainbow Youth Center in Seoul for 3 years including ;
1) Daily Korean Conversation for beginners
2) Learn Korean with K-pop (intermediate level)

- Various private tutoring including ;
1) Basic Korean Alphabet (한글)
2) Pronunciation Correction
2) TOPIK Part 4 (writing section)

Courses by this teacher:

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Our online Korean Teachers

Finding good online Korean Teachers is not always easy! We are here to help you find teachers that will listen to your particular needs and learning objectives. Multi-Language Cafe is designed to help you take advantage of all the conveniences offered by distance learning. Our teachers' schedules are flexible: you can book and cancel your own online classes according to your own availabilities. Classes can take place over any teleconferencing channel, such as Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Duo, etc. You don't need to leave the comfort of your home or your office. If you need to cancel a particular class, you can do so easily using the teacher's online calendar.

Do you feel insecure about technology or anxious about taking virtual classes? Check out our guide on how to prepare for an online class. In that article we go through several actions you can take to feel more confident about taking classes online, from coordinating with the teacher about the virtual channel to use, to preparing and testing your equipment and your teleconferencing software.

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