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Rajendra Kunchwar (Toronto)

Speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi

About the teacher

Experienced and Organized Professor in Chemical Engineering with more than ten years of teaching experience in Science, Math, and Gujarati Language in Greater Toronto who implements new teaching methods, educational software, and Internet programs when applicable, as well as works to develop and promote interactive learning styles within a students’ group and classroom environment.


• Certificate in HR Management, Centennial College, Scarborough, ON (GPA 3.75) 2010
• Certificate in Adult Education/Staff Training and Development, Seneca College, 2007
Toronto, ON (High Honours, GPA 4.0)
• Certificate in Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology, Seneca College, Toronto, 2007
ON (GPA 3.5)
• Workplace Communication Training Program, Workplace Training & Services Inc., 2004
Mississauga, ON
• Master of Chemical Engineering, Gujarat University, Gujarat, India 1987


I have taught to the faculty of under graduate chemical engineering for more than 20 years with expertise in teaching Fluid Flow Operations, Mass & Heat Transfer, Mechanical Operations, Chemical & Fertilizer Technologies.
I possess current experience for more than 10 years in Toronto tutoring for school level Science, Math, and Gujarati Language courses.

Courses by this teacher:

Science Teacher
Science Teachers Online

Rishah Roberts (Edmonton)

Speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi

About the teacher

I'm Rishah Roberts a high school graduate and I'll be starting my engineering degree program at U of A from this september. My passion for science and math urges me to teach these subjects while I share my knowledge as well as explore my strengths and weaknesses.


High School graduate from J.Percy Page high school.
First year engineering student.


I have past experience of tutoring fellow high school students in math and science being a member of the peer tutoring program at J.Percy Page, Edmonton.

Courses by this teacher:

Science Teacher
Science Teachers Online

Joana Lima (Berlin)

PTTeacher from Portugal. Speaks English, German, Italian.

Mother language: Portuguese

About the teacher

Hello! My name is Joana and I was born in Lisbon in 1980. My background studies are in the Engineering field, but I always had parallel interests such as languages and cultural activities. My biggest passion is music but I never manage was a Rockstar! However, I can help you on your studies, with your homework or preparing for exams, passing you my enthusiasm and knowledge. If you are interested in starting, contact me!

Hallo! Mein Name ist Joana und ich war in Lissabon im Jahr 1980 geboren. Mein Hintergrund Bildung ist Technik, aber ich hatte immer parallel Interessen wie Sprachen und kulturelle Aktivitäten. Meine größte Leidenschaft ist Musik aber ich schaffe nie wurde ein Rockstar! Allerdings kann ich Sie auf Ihrem Studium helfen, mit den Hausaufgaben oder Vorbereitung auf Prüfungen, übergeben Sie meine Begeisterung und Wissen. Wenn Sie Interesse an Ausgangs sind, kontaktieren Sie mich!


Master in Transport; TU Delft, the Netherlands; 2015.

Spatial Planning Engineering; IST - Lisbon, Portugal; 2004.


History and Sciences in Berlin. The student was a German teenager from a Portuguese-German high-school.

Portuguese and Mathematics in Lisbon, Portugal. The students were children form Primary School. I helped them on their homework.

Courses by this teacher:

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