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English Teachers in Budapest, Hungary

Private and semi-private English classes for all levels.

English Teacher
English Teachers in Budapest, Hungary

Natalija Milojevic

RSTeacher from Serbia. Speaks English, Bosnian, Croatian.

Mother language: Serbian

About the teacher

Ćao svima.
Ja sam Natalija i trenutno živim u Budimpešti. Bavim se predavanjem jezika već pet godina. Obožavam da upoznajem nove ljude i da im pomažem u usavršavanju engleskog.

Hello everyone.
My name is Natalija and I currently live in Budapest. I have been teaching languages for five years. I love meeting new people and helping them improve their English.


Cambridge: Advanced English (CAE), issued by British Council in 2017.


ESL tutor for more than five years. I taught students of all ages.

Courses by this teacher:

English Teacher
English Teachers in Budapest, Hungary

Simon Hill

USTeacher from United States. Speaks English.

Mother language: English

About the teacher

Greetings! I'm Simon Hill from Monroe, a small town in northern Louisiana, USA. My English teaching journey began in 2018 in Tunisia, and it's been a fulfilling adventure since. I've had the privilege of instructing English as a second language to students from across the globe, and they've often commended my teaching approach.

Students appreciate my enthusiasm, patience, and the lively atmosphere I create in the classroom. I take great pleasure in demonstrating that learning English can be both fun and accessible. I'm an easy-going individual, skilled at building connections with people from various backgrounds, making learning enjoyable for all.

Beyond the classroom, I'm an amateur guitarist, crafting my original songs. I'm an avid traveler, always eager to explore new destinations, and I cherish spending quality time with my beloved wife.

Join me on this exciting learning journey, where we can make the process of mastering English both engaging and enjoyable.


I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University in New Orleans in 2013. My major was Music Industry Studies, and I added a minor in Business Administration. Although I initially aspired to work in the music industry, my career path has since shifted.

In 2019, I decided to further develop my teaching skills by obtaining a 120-hour TEFL certificate from the Online TEFL Academy, even though I had already been teaching English for a year at that point. This additional certification was a valuable step to enhance my capabilities as an educator.

Looking forward, while currently in Hungary, I have aspirations of returning to university to study sociology. My ultimate aim is to pursue a Ph.D. in this field, embarking on a new chapter of personal and academic growth.


In my teaching career, I've covered a wide spectrum of classes: business English, group sessions, grammar lessons, and conversational English. I've also prepared students for TOEFL, IELTS, Michigan ECPE, and Cambridge exams. My teaching journey has taken me to diverse locations, both in physical classrooms and online, including Lima, Santiago, Belgrade, and Moscow. My career began in Tunis, Tunisia, which I value as the foundation of my teaching endeavors. My mission is to make English language education accessible to students worldwide through online teaching.

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