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German Teachers in Turin, Italy

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German Teachers in Turin, Italy

Anna CH

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks German, Italian, English.

Mother language: Italian

About the teacher

Hi and welcome! My name is Anna and I am a native speaker of both Italian and German, having been raised bilingual by my German mother and Italian father. I am not just bilingual, I have both nationalities too.

An M.A. graduate in Foreign Languages and Literatures from Turin University, with a specialization in German studies, I have a 30-year experience in language teaching at all levels, both privately and at language schools, as well as online.

I'm a passionate animal lover, cat lover, jewelry artist, lover of all things handmade, I'm passionate about ancient Egypt (I studied Egyptology at Uni), I love walking in the forest and in the mountains. I'm very interested in Mindfulness, and part of my life takes place on a Greek island, where I help street cats.


MA - Foreign Languages and Literature, Major in German Studies - Turin University, 1992
Main subjects: • German Language, German Literature, History of the German Language, Germanic Philology • English Language, English Literature
Other subjects: • Egyptology • Geolinguistics • Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

During my studies of Foreign Languages and Literature at Turin University, I took Egyptology for one year, and I completed my final examination with full grades and honors.


I have a 30-year experience in language teaching (Italian, German and English) at all levels and ages, both privately and at language schools, as well as online.

1992 - Present
German and Italian Teacher Private Language Schools – Piedmont, Italy
1992 - Present
Freelance language teacher Self-employed – Italy, Germany, Greece
2016 - Present
Freelance Language Teacher Italki
1992 - 1999
Freelance Teacher Private Secondary Schools – Turin, Italy
1992 - 1992
Examiner Italian Ministry of Education – Turin, Italy

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