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Greek Teachers in Ioannina, Greece

Private and semi-private Greek classes for all levels.

Greek Teacher
Greek Teachers in Ioannina, Greece

Ana Matic

RSTeacher from Serbia. Speaks Greek, English.

Mother language: Serbian

About the teacher

Hello my name is Ana and I am 31 years old.
I come from Serbia but I live in Greece now. I studied Greek and English at Univeristy and I have a Bachelor's degree in public relations.
A few years ago, I finally combined my two passions-languages and working with people, when I started teaching Serbian,Greek and English. I taught both adults and children and I loved it, as it was fun, challenging , but also fullfilling when you feel you helped someone learn something.
I recently obtained a TEFL certificate for teaching English. This course taught me many things about teaching languages in general, not just English. For example I learned how to approach different part of language teaching, how to deal with tricky concepts in language and make it easier for students to learn and remmember.
I worked as a freelance English,Greek and Serbian teacher ,and I also had one on one lessons.
In my lessons I always try to bring in new activites to get student excited.


Megatrend University- Manager for public relations-2012-2016
TEFL Certificate- TEFL Professional Development Institute-2020


I have worked with students from all over the world and I have had the pleasure of encountering different cultures. My goal is to help you achieve yours. You can be assured that I am a very patient person. I was working with kids and adults as well

Courses by this teacher:

Greek Teacher
Greek Teachers in Ioannina, Greece

Efi Varoucha

GRTeacher from Greece. Speaks Greek, English.

Mother language: Greek

About the teacher

Γεια σας! Hello! I am Efi, and I am a native Greek tutor!
I consider myself a very social person, and I am always excited about working with people from all over the world. I always try to make my classes as interactive and fun as possible, and of course to adapt the learning process to the needs of each one of the students.
I am mostly experienced with beginners and always fascinated to teach other people my language from zero.


Integrated Master Degree in Department of Biological Applications and Technology Department of the University of Ioannina.


Experience mostly with beginners.

Courses by this teacher:

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