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My name is Dan Cape, and I'm a PhD student from Sydney, Australia. I'm taking a break from studies at the moment, but am hoping to find teaching work here in Berlin - teaching is the best thing about being an academic, and I miss learning from my students as much as I miss sharing what small store of knowledge I have!

My academic interest is in film and animation, but I have a background in English Literature, and I'm generally interested in reading and talking about arts and culture. I wish I could adequately introduce myself in German, too, but I am still a novice - I look forward to learning a little German from students eager to learn English from me.

I can offer expert advice to all upper high school and university students looking to sharpen their English-language assignment/essay writing skills. While I will proofread and edit your work, I offer more than simple advice on English 'proper usage' - I'm confident that, if you wish, I could provide critical feedback on your topic or thesis and help you build a strong piece of academic writing.

I would also be interested in holding small conversational English classes or seminars, with students working together to come up with a topic we can all research and talk about together (over coffee).


PhD (Film Studies). The University of Sydney, Australia. Still enrolled.

Graduate Diploma in Arts (Film Studies). Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Graduated 2011.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (English Literature, 1st class). Otago University, New Zealand. Graduated 2006.


I have tutored and lectured a number of University film studies courses in Australia and New Zealand, taking in classic and contemporary film, visual arts, philosophy, media and cultural theory. My students were generally undergraduates but there were postgraduate students amongst them - people from all ages and walks of life in my classes, which made for lively discussion. The core of my teaching involved working through film analyses and critical texts with students, and coaching them in academic essay writing. Group presentations were another way for students to experience collaborative scholarship.

The courses I have taught are:

Modern Cinema: modes of viewing (University of Sydney; 2012 & 2014).
Contemporary Hollywood (University of Sydney; 2014).
Editing the Moving Image (University of Sydney/Sydney College of the Arts; 2013).
Cinema and the Digital Aesthetic (University of Sydney; 2014).
History and Criticism of Film (Victoria University of Wellington; 2010).

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