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Korean Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Private and semi-private Korean classes for all levels.

Korean Teacher
Korean Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Yun Cho

KRTeacher from Korea. Speaks Korean, English, French.


About the teacher

Hi I am Yun from Seoul South Korea. I am a native Korean speaker, teacher and the author of "I Can Speak Korean (for beginners)" grammar + exercise book and "Korean Folktale stories" published on Amazon. I am developing learning material tailored on your needs. I will teach you Korean in easy, simple way with fun exercise homework. Currently I am a Korean teacher at College and creating learning content online.


Educational Administration and Statistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2014.

I earned my master degree at UT at Austin in USA and obtained my bachelor degree of Education and English and National secondary school teaching certificate from Konkuk University Seoul, Korea.


I am the author of the books: "I Can Speak Korean (for beginners)" and "Korean Folktale Stories" on Amazon. I teach Korean to those who want to learn Korean. I am creating learning content online. I taught English to middle school students in Korea for 4 years. I have National secondary school teaching certificate so I became a public school English teacher when I graduated. I enjoy teaching!

Courses by this teacher:

Korean Teacher
Korean Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Jin Hong

KRTeacher from Korea. Speaks English, Mandarin.

Mother language: Korean

About the teacher

Hi! I am a native Korean who is interested in teaching Korean language to those who are so much interested in Korea and its culture.
In my course, I focus not only on the language itself but the culture and notions behind the language.


I study history in McGill University


I have been teaching several students whose language is not Korean. I have also been teaching francophone students as well.

If you are worried about studying with English-speaking teacher, don't worry! Language is not simply about speaking but of understanding each other!

Courses by this teacher:

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