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Painting Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Private and semi-private Painting classes for all levels.

Painting Teacher
Painting Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Linda Rosalyn

Speaks English, French

Mother language: English

About the teacher

Hello, I'm a certified art teacher, painter and illustrator. I am from Montreal, Canada.
Having more then 7 years experience teaching art and 10 years painting, I very much enjoy transferring my knowledge and passion about the visual arts to others!

Bonjour. Je suis une peintre, illustratrice et enseignante d'arts plastiques. J'habite à Montréal, Canada. Ayant plus de 7 ans d'expérience en enseignement et 10 en peinture, j'adore inspirer les autres à travers ma passion et mes connaissances artistiques.


Specialization in Art Education ( Bachelor of Fine Arts), Concordia University, 2013.

Illustration and Design(D.E.C), Dawson College, 2006.


I have taught french, english, photoshop, painting, drawing, arts and crafts, yoga and music to children in elementary schools, teenagers, adults and individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Courses by this teacher:

Painting Teacher
Painting Teachers in Montreal, Canada

Aileen Liu

Speaks English, French, Mandarin

Mother language: Mandarin

About the teacher

Art is a way to learn about ourselves, explore and discover the world around us. I’ve been drawing and painting for 20+ years since my childhood. I’d love to share this sense of curiosity and joy with everyone. :D

I have taught drawing and painting for 2 years.

Please feel free to check out my artwork on Instagram :)

L'art est un moyen d'apprendre sur nous-mêmes, d'explorer et de découvrir le monde qui nous entoure. Je dessine et peins depuis plus de 20 ans depuis mon enfance. J'aimerais partager ce sentiment de curiosité et de joie avec tout le monde. :D

艺术是一种了解我们自己、探索和发现我们周围世界的方式。我从小就爱美术,已经画了20 多年了。我很乐意与大家分享这种好奇心和乐趣。 :D


- I hold a Bachelors of Arts from McGill University
- I attended Changning Art Academy courses for 3 years (Shanghai, China)
- I took Graphic Design courses at Concordia University


I have taught beginner level drawing and painting for 2 years.
I will explain the basic concepts and then demonstrate step by step.

Courses by this teacher:

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