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Singing Teachers in Berlin, Germany

Private and semi-private Singing classes for all levels.

Singing Teacher

About the teacher

Mark Gritsenko is a singer-songwriter and music producer best known as a leader of a rock band Marakesh.

Formed in 2006 and named by Billboard as “solid and manifestly eclectic sound”, the band soon appeared in the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack, reaching over 1,5 million views on YouTube. This led the band to touring all over Europe, including open air festivals and a support slot for Placebo.

Along with his band work, Mark has been successfully giving music lessons in Berlin and worldwide via Skype.


Started graduating as a vocalist at the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety Arts.


Started Marakesh.

Released debut album.


Released an EP and several music videos followed by a 9-month long tour.

Received a vocals degree.


Released a second full-length album.


Released a second EP supported with a 20 dates European tour.

Featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV video game soundtrack.

Performed as an opening act for Placebo.

Worked as a music producer for The X Factor show.

Provided music for Carling, Watsons and Shake Cocktails commercials.

Became an endorser for Shamray Guitars.


Started a side project Four Phonica.

Performed at Berliner Pilsner Music Award.

Launched an interactive project #Songblitz.

Provided music to TV shows on RTL, VOX, SAT1 in Germany.

At the moment actively touring Germany.


Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety Arts (Bachelor of Arts).


I have been coaching and working as a vocal producer since 2006 and teaching vocals and guitar full-time since 2012.

Courses by this teacher:

Singing Teacher
Singing Teachers in Berlin, Germany

Catalina Sophie Gabriel

Speaks Spanish, English, German

Mother language: Spanish

About the teacher

Ich bin eine professionelle Sängerin mit Studium an der Musikene, Musikhochschule in San Sebastián (Baskenland), wo ich im Juni 2016 meinen Bachelor absolviert habe. Vorher habe ich ein Diplom in modernem Gesang an der Música Creativa und in Musicals am Centro Superior de Artes Escénicas in Madrid erworben.
Heute bin ich eine aktive Musikerin und gebe neben Konzerten auch Musikunterricht an verschiedenen Schule sowie privat. Eine der Schulen an der ich unterrichtet habe ist die Deutsche Schule Madrid. Außerdem habe ich gerade mein erstes Album Blue Tree veröffentlicht.

Ab Oktober 2018 biete ich in Berlin Unterricht in den folgenden Disziplinen an:
1. Jazz – Pop – Soul Gesangsunterricht
2. Vorbereitung für Musikhochschulen
3. Klavierunterricht für Anfänger
4. Tonsatz, Harmonie und Improvisation

Der Unterricht kann auf Spanisch, Deutsch oder Englisch stattfinden. Ich passe mich an das Niveau und Interesse (Stil, Repertoire usw.) jedes Schülers an.


Diplom in moderner Gesang (Schule Música Creativa)
Diplom in Musicals (Schule Scaena)
Bachelor in Jazz Gesang (Musikhochschule Musikene im Baskenland 2016)

Diplom in modern singing (School Music Creativa)
Diplom in musicals (School Scaena)
Bachelor Jazz-Singing (Conservatoire Musikene in San Sebastian)

Diploma en canto moderno (Escuela de Música Creativa)
Diploma en teatro musical (Escuela Scaena)
Título Superior en interpretación canto-jazz (Conservatorio Superior de Música del Pais Vasco, Musikene)


Privatlehrerin in Gesang und Klavier für Anfänger (in Madrid)
Gesangs - und Klavierlehrerin auf der Deutschen Schule (in Madrid)
Gesanglehrerin auf der Schule "Colegio del Pilar" (in Madrid)

Private teacher: Singing lessons and piano lessons for beginners (Madrid)
Singing and piano lessons in the German School (Madrid)
Singing lessons in the school "Colegio del Pilar" (Madrid)

Clases particulares de canto y de piano para principiantes (Madrid)
Clases de canto y piano en el Colegio Alemán de Madrid (Madrid)
Clases de canto en el Colegio del Pilar (Madrid)

Courses by this teacher:

Singing Teacher

About the teacher

Hello, I am Daniel from Argentina, actually living in Berlin.
I am a singer and vocal coach but also an actor and a dancer.
Generally, my Singing Lessons have three big moments:
The first one is a Warm up (put the body in the right muscular tone, check the alignment, some exercises about the breathing and the diaphragm support (appoggio), etc); the second part is the Vocalization (vocal technique, specifically) and the third part is the Repertory (here, we work on the relation/dialogue between the vocal technique and the song/aria), each student chooses the kind of repertory their want to sing.
This structure is not fixed. I modify it in relation with every student process and in conversation with what each student needs or wants. The most important thing is to understand that learn to sing is a process and the class is a personal space for work in that with delicacy.


2004-2008 (graduated)
Guitar interpretation – Escuela de Música, Danza y Teatro “Constancio Carminio” - UADER (Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos) - Paraná, Entre Ríos.

Private singing classes
2009/2017 Silvia Meuli (Buenos Aires)
2017/2018 Victor Torres (Buenos Aires)

2011-2013 (graduated)
Dancer and interpreter in Contemporary Dance – Escuela del Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín – Buenos Aires.
2009/2017 (graduated)
B.A. in Acting - IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte) – Buenos Aires.

Ballet Professional Training – Fundación Julio Bocca: Daniel Negroni, Ricardo Rivas, Sonia Von Potobsky. Buenos Aires.

Contemporary Dance Professional Training - Ana Garat, Gabriel Contreras, David Señoran, Shai Faran, David Zambrano, Judith Sanchéz Ruiz. Buenos Aires/Europe.

Ballet Professional Training with Biomechanical elements – Asociación Arte & Cultura - Luis Baldasarre. Buenos Aires.


I was working as Vocal Coach during more than 5 years in private lessons and as Vocal Director in shows/performance (Chile, Argentina and France).
I received student with different backgrounds and with different aims, so each class is in a very personal and particular way. All the levels are welcome.
The most important thing is to understand that the voice is a complex instrument with many possibilities and to be able to work on it.

Courses by this teacher:

Singing Teacher
Singing Teachers in Berlin, Germany

Sara Persico

Speaks English, Italian, German

Mother language: Italian

About the teacher

I am a singer, composer and educator from Italy and I offer singing & songwriting lessons for kids and adults in Berlin.

Among the topics of my lessons:
-Singing techniques

-Singing posture

-An understanding of breath control
-Basic of solfège syllables (or their numerical equivalent) 

-An ability to read music

-Basic ear training skills, such as the ability to aurally identify basic musical intervals and rhythms

-Exposure to multiple genres and styles of vocal music

-Practice in memorization and song preparation for performance 

-Performance experience
-How to approach songwriting
-How to record a song


Conservatory “G.B. Martini” Bologna (IT):
Master’s Degree in Performance/Composition

Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” Napoli (IT):
Bachelor Of Arts in Jazz Vocals

Siena Jazz Workshop (IT)

Bob Stoloff's Vocal Jazz Academy, IMUSIC Rome (IT)

Musicisti Associati Music School, Napoli (IT):
Ensemble/performance, voice studies


Voice teacher at Berlin International School (DE)

Voice teacher at CPM - Music Institute, Milano (IT)

Voice teacher\Ensemble coordinator at Ivan Illich, Bologna (IT)

Voice teacher at NERO factory, Bologna (IT)

Courses by this teacher:

Singing Teacher

About the teacher

Hi, I am Annabelle, a singer song-writer from Prague signed with Universal Music. Music is my great passion and I believe aren't something necessarily uptight. I like to begin my lessons with a vocal warm-up that improves our singing technique each time we practice. The we continue with a song or two of your choice (if you're not really sure which songs to pick I can do that for you) and we work on that :) The most important thing for me is to make you feel more confident in your skin, in your voice because everything follows after that. It only takes the right exercises and practice and you can truly grow into a confident singer.


Middlesex University London - Popular Music


Full-time singing teacher in Prague (mostly teenagers and adults)

Courses by this teacher:

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