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Arminè holds Bachelors, Masters and Artist Diploma degrees from the Schulich School of Music of McGill University in Music (Voice Performance, Opera). Arminè has a passion for music and a talent to effectively communicate her musical ideas to her students. As a teacher, she aims to develop musicality which gives confidence to perform and to enjoy the process of learning while improving their talents. Arminè assists young students of all ages and level through their difficulties by identifying and applying creative methods, such as imaginative demonstrations and explanations, in order to develop their vocal instrument. Emphasis is given to various languages in order to have the understanding of diction and communicating emotions. Arminè has several years of experience in singing in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. She enjoys all styles of music. Arminè has studied piano since 1993, and she has obtained her Ottawa Royal Conservatory in piano. She has participated in several piano competitions in Ottawa and Montreal and has won many prizes. She adapts well to the needs of children and to students of all ages as beginners and intermediates. She believes that the piano is an instrument that helps grow a person's knowledge of music, such as the growth of musicianship, memory, attentiveness, concentration and simply an appreciation for the Arts. Arminè’s strengths and specialties include: a passion for music; communicating musical ideal; a strong technical foundation.

École de musique Schulich
L'Université McGill

L'objectif d' Arminè Musique Studio est de rendre les cours de musique agréables et stimulants pour mes élèves tout en procurant le cadre structuré nécessaire à l'atteinte de résultats tangibles permettant de réaliser leurs rêves musicaux. Je spécialise dans une éducation musicale sur mesure afin de rencontrer les besoins individuels de chacun - du niveau débutant à avancé

Services offerts:
* Cours de chant pour tout les âges
* Cours de piano pour tout les âges
* Cours d'nterprétation dramatique
* Cours de technique
* Préparation aux examens d'entrée
* Préparation aux auditions
* Examens Conservatoire Royal
* Leçons à domicile
* Services en anglais offerts


Artist diploma - voice performance at McGill University 2009-2011
Masters degree- voice performance at McGill University 2007-2009
Bachelors degree- voice performance at McGill University 2003-2007
Minors in Italian - McGill university 2003-2007
Ottawa Royal Conservatory- piano grade 8 1993-2000


Voice all ages and all level ( beginners, intermediate, advance)
Piano all ages ( beginners and intermediate)
All music styles : pop, classical, rock, gospel, jazz etc

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