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Spanish Teachers in Seoul, Korea

Private and semi-private Spanish classes for all levels.

Spanish Teacher
Spanish Teachers in Seoul, Korea

Natalia Frias

MXTeacher from Mexico. Speaks English, Spanish.

Mother language: Spanish

About the teacher

저는 멕시코 사람이에요.
저는 스페인어를 가르쳐요.
만나서 반가워요!!


Oratory in Spanish 1st place.

College Board certification in Spanish proficiency and grammar
SEP Test (Secretary of Public Education) Lectures and Reading analysis.

Children's Spanish book readings
School: Universidad Anáhuac Campus Querétaro - International Relations.


I have taught to people from 4-23 years old who have fun while learning :)

Spanish: Since it’s my mother tongue, if you have knowledge in the language I tutor you with the subjects you need. I can teach coloquial terms and their daily usage.

English: Have lived in the US

Courses by this teacher:

Spanish Teacher
Spanish Teachers in Seoul, Korea

Karen Quevedo

COTeacher from Colombia. Speaks English, Spanish, Korean.

Mother language: Spanish

About the teacher


Mi nombre es Karen Quevedo y soy docente de Español. Mi experiencia incluye personas de todas las edades en Seúl por 5 años. Me encanta enseñar de una forma divertida y eficaz pues considero que esto ayuda al aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera. He viajado por Asia y Latino América conociendo así diversas culturas y formas de pensar. Ademas de ser profesora me encanta practicar Zumba y viajar por el mundo.

Language teacher; happy, punctual, creative and flexible. I enjoy sports, teaching and Latin music. My passions include traveling and learning aboutother cultures and traditions. I traveled across Asia and south America. Ienjoy teaching people of all ages. My experience includes teaching Spanish as a second language to children and Adults. Besides teaching Spanish I work as Zumba instructor. I also tutors local children, university students and Adults.

*영어 강사
*스페인어 강사
*체험 교실 강사
*Zumba 춤바 강사


Caro y Cuervo University 외국인을 위한 스페인어 교육 과정
Incca of Colombia University 화학 엔지니어
Politecnico of Colombia 교육학 및학습 기술
British Council of Colombia CELTA 영어 교육
Fitness federation of Spain FEDA Zumba II 교육
The national training Service of Colombia SENA 식품 위생 관리자


세계문화 체험 카페 스페인어, 영어, 체험 교실 강사
Tomas English School 영어 강사
Multicultural Museum 다문화 박물관 체험 교실 강사
마천 청소년수련관 체험 교실 강사
D&K Multicultural education 체험 교실 강사

Courses by this teacher:

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