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Sara Lundberg

SETeacher from Sweden. Speaks English, French.

Mother language: Swedish

About the teacher


My name is Sara Lundberg and I am a trilingual law student. I have been working for a law firm on the side of my studies in Sweden and I love learning and teaching languages. I have lived in the USA, France and now I am based in Montreal, but I was born and raised in Sweden.
Currently, I am specializing at the university of Montreal in international law. The studies are conducted in French, so I feel that I have greatly developed my French skills during my time in Montreal.


Je m'appelle Sara Lundberg et je viens de Suède. Je suis élevée en Suède, mais j'ai habité aux États-Unis, en France et maintenant j'habite à Montréal. J'ai travaillé à côté de mes études de droit en Suède à un bureau d'avocat et je trouve que c'est une de mes passions d'apprendre et enseigner les langues. Je fais en ce moment ma spécialisation en droit international à l'Université de Montréal; ce qui est vraiment un défi pour moi mais qui a beaucoup amélioré mon français.


Jag heter Sara Lundberg och jag är smålänning. Jag är trespråkig och har bott i USA, Frankrike och nu i Montréal. Jag bor här eftersom jag specialiserar mig inom internationell juridik och jag läser på Université de Montréal på franska. Detta har utvecklat mina kunskaper i franska mycket. Det är en stor passion för mig att lära ut språk men också att lära mig nya språk.


Masters of Law, University of Stockholm.

Specialization in international law, University of Montreal.

Cours de Civilisation Française, La Sorbonne Paris.

International Baccalaureate (IB).


I was a help teacher one year during high school, teaching the french language to fellow students that had problems with passing the course. I was also engaged in a Red Cross project during months where we visited a school in Jönköping, Sweden, and taught the kids.

Furthermore, I was a substitue teacher during a period of one year during law school in Sweden. The job was fun and challenging because I was sent to different schools every time, so I never knew where I was going to end up or what I was going to teach. I normally had the privilege to teach English or French since those were my best skills, but I also taught maths, history and social sciences.

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