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Dakota Smith, Bremen

Classes from EUR €17.50

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Korean Teachers

Korean: Learning Korean Conversation (A1 - Beginner)

Montreal, Sep 28 - Nov 30, 17:00 (10 weeks, 20 hours) - CAD $280.00

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Latest reviews

"Très gentille et très compréhensive! Une excellente pédagogue!"

"Super prof ! Merci beaucoup !"

"Great teacher, looking forward to learning more Farsi. Would recommend to other students."

"She is an amazing teacher, very patient and dynamic :) "

"The teacher was very motivated, well prepared and structured. She brought printed working material and clearly communicated the class contents with me. All contents discussed are tailored to my personal goals set for this class. Generally, the working atmosphere was very positive."

"Très bon professeur, patiente et pedagogue. "

"She is pretty good. She has a lot of material to provide."

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Sep 10, 09:00 : Workshop
Profesional Presentation Skills (México DF)

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