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Japanese Teachers Montreal

Japanese Courses in Montreal / Online

JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

Teacher: Mihoko Shiohata (Montreal)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English, French, Japanese.

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I offer specialized courses for students who want to travel to Japan, who will work in a Japanese company in Japan or who want to learn Japanese by interest in manga or animation. I have 10 years of experience translating, interpreting and teaching Japanese to students of all ages.

J’offre des cours généraux et spécifiques aux besoin des étudiants. C’est un cours pour les voyages, pour les affaires ou pour le plaisir. J’ai beaucoup d’expérience en enseignement!

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My program is completely customized to the student's needs. My goal is to respect each student's needs and respond by providing them with the tools that better satisfy their requirements.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$32.00 [~$25.35]
2 students$20.00 [~$15.84]
3 students or more$15.00 [~$11.88]
Japanese Teachers Denpasar

Japanese Courses in Denpasar / Online

Japanese Lessons

Teacher: Yumi Numa (Denpasar)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English, French, Spanish.

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I can help you with Introduction to Japanese Language; Japanese conversation; Business Japanese; Questions about Japanese culture; Japanese for specific situations; Kanji; Preparation for the Japanese proficiency test etc.

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The class offered via Skype or face to face.
During the first session, I will asses your level and find out your goals.
Then I can customize lessons to meet your goals.

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Hourly rates (USD $)

1 student$40.00
2 students$30.00
3 students or more$20.00
Japanese Courses
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Japanese Teachers Oshawa

Japanese Courses in Oshawa / Online

Learn Japanese!

Teacher: Reiko Martinez (Oshawa)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English.

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From beginner to intermediate, I'd like to introduce Japanese Language course.
I hope that you will love Japan even more by learning about hiragana, katakana, kanji, grammar, and Japanese culture.


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Each student is different. I will try to understand what is needed by each student.
I mainly use textbooks like 'Genki', but also I like to use flash cards, other online resources, and another textbooks.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$25.00 [~$19.81]
2 students$18.00 [~$14.26]
3 students or more$12.00 [~$9.51]
Japanese Courses
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Japanese Teachers Tokyo

Japanese Courses in Tokyo / Online

Basic conversation for traveling in Japan

Teacher: Fumika Mikami (Tokyo)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English, Japanese.

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Hourly rates (JPY ¥ / USD $)

1 student¥2,500 [~$21.97]
2 students¥2,400 [~$21.09]
3 students or more¥2,100 [~$18.46]
Japanese Teachers Toronto

Japanese Courses in Toronto / Online

Japanese for Beginners

Teacher: Miho Hongo (Toronto)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English, Japanese, French.

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It is 100% tailor-made to the needs of the students such as: travelling on business or for pleasure, living short/long term in Japan, building rapport with Japanese friends, colleagues or relatives, or personal interests in the Japanese culture. It is progressive and cumulative.

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Because the course is tailor-made, the materials are provided on an ongoing basis and the students do not need to buy a book. The content focuses on sentence structures and vocabulary that are relevant to the specific needs of the students and remain open to requests. Throughout the course, there are constant reviews and repeated exercises so that students gain actual command of what they have learned. The quantity is limited to the realistic capacity of the students and their environment.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$35.00 [~$27.73]
2 students$25.00 [~$19.81]
3 students or more$20.00 [~$15.84]

The best Japanese Courses with qualified teachers

  • Private and semi-private Japanese classes for all levels.
  • Take your classes at home, in your office, in a coffee shop, or online.
  • Learn at your own pace: daytime, evenings or weekends. Classes are available from 7 am to 11 pm.
  • Our Japanese Teachers personalize their courses according to your needs and objectives.

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What students are saying:

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"High quality course. A very good Japanese teacher.", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Shiohata-sensei explains Japanese grammar in a clear and concise way. She is very attentive to the needs and requests of her students. I really enjoy her classes!", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Le professeur a bien compris le type de leçon que je cherchais et adapté sa leçon en conséquence. Le professeur s'exprime bien en français et donne des explications claires. J'ai beaucoup aimé ce premier cours. Je continue.", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Très gentille et très compréhensive! Une excellente pédagogue!", Longueuil

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Best teacher ever.", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Mihoko is a very friendly and open-minded teacher. She's funny and patient, and I feel comfortable during these classes with her. I never feel judged or under pressure which makes learning a lot of fun. I recommend learning with her!", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"Mihoko-san a une patience en or et elle est très dévouée. Une très bonne professeure.", Montreal

Course: JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

"She is pretty good. She has a lot of material to provide.", Longueuil


Why learn Japanese? Japanese is not as difficult as you might think. While it's true that it uses three different alphabets (hiragana, katakana and kanji) and that it can be declined in many forms and degrees of politeness, Japanese is easy to pronounce and easy to pick up.

Japan has one of the biggest economies in the world and is one of the most important players in business, manufacturing, electronics, research and entertainment. If you work in a related field chances are you will compete or collaborate with the Japanese!

If not, learning Japanese will bring you closer to a unique and fascinating culture that has been shaped through history by other great Asian civilizations: India, China and Korea.

Japanese courses at Multi-Language Cafe

If you are interested in learning Japanese but dislike the idea of attending a regular language school, consider taking private lessons with one of our Japanese teachers. Private classes provide more interactivity than group classes and can help you progress faster. You can follow your Japanese classes online from the comfort of your home, or in person, in public places like a library or a coffee shop. You set your own schedule by booking your own classes in our online calendar, according to your own availabilities. If you want to take private Japanese classes but still like the idea of having classmates, you can form a small group with your friends and register for semi-private lessons.

Our private Japanese teachers

Our Japanese teachers are highly qualified and hold relevant language teaching certificates or university-level diplomas. Tell your teacher about your learning objectives. Are you interested in working in Japan? Are you interested in Manga, Anime or other aspects of Japanese culture? Do you want to communicate with a loved one in Japanese? Our teachers will adapt their teaching approach to your particular needs. Take a look at our list of Japanese courses to find the teacher that best aligns with your objectives and your interests.