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Teach Japanese Online

Teach Japanese Online

Do you want to work giving classes online?

Multi-Language Cafe is looking for experienced, qualified tutors working in the following domains: languages, music, arts, culture, technology, business, sports and school tutoring. We have students from all over the world!

You set your own hourly rates and your own schedule. We handle student registrations, course payments, class bookings and class cancellations, so you can concentrate on what you do best: teaching.

You can teach online using the channel of your choice:

  • Teach online in our virtual classroomOur virtual classroom
  • Teach online by Skype Skype
  • Teach online using Google Hangouts Hangouts
  • Teach online using FaceTime FaceTime
  • ...among others.

* Classes can also be imparted in person.

If you are an independent teacher looking for employment, or if you are interested in earning extra revenue teaching online, Multi-Language Cafe is the website you need.

Recent tutor requests:

Student in Longueuil: Japanese

I am currently working in the software industry. I worked with some Japanese on projects and dealt with some to do business. Mostly seeking for a native speaker to practice some exercises in my Japanese studying book, Genki I.

Student in Montreal: Japanese

Bonjour, je suis allé au japon en 2008 et j'aimerais bien y retourner et être capable de converser cette fois-ci. Je connais quelque mots mais sans plus. J'aimerais avoir des cours privés si possible.

Student in Brossard: Japanese

My son has been to Japan several times. He is interested in Japanese culture and wants to learn speaking Japanese. We hope he could learn basic Japanese pronunciation and dialogues.

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