Teach Guitar Online

Teach Guitar Online

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Recent tutor requests:

Student in Magdeburg: Guitar

I play in a big band, but am new to jazz. I can do blues (dorian, myxolidian, minor scales), but it is still hard for me to solo over a jazz song, particularly when there is a shift of key in the song (progressive) or when there is a change in nuance in the song.

Student in Berlin: Guitar

I've never taken guitar lessons, but have been practicing chords and strumming/plucking patterns for a little while. I'm super into 60s and 70s folk and psychedelic rock and really want to improve my theory as well as my overall playing.

Student in Sofia: Guitar

Playing on my own since January. I know simple chords, getting better at bar chords, practicing smoothing out transitions. I want to work on strumming/fingerpicking techniques and to make sure I am not developing bad habits without a teacher.

Student in Berlin: Guitar

Bom Dia! Estou interessado em melhorar a minha técnica (posição das mãos, tempo e ritmo) e aprender teoria de acordo com a sua opinião. Nunca tive aulas de guitarra mas tenho alguns conhecimentos de teoria musical e pautas do piano.

Student in Berlin: Guitar

I play chords and rhythm guitar. I can play some licks. I play and sing on a hobby level. I would like guidance to improve my improvisational skills and also tips and tricks in figuring out scales from chords and vice versa, and a practice companion and guidance practicing.

Student in Berlin: Guitar

I've been playing for a couple of years, I can play all the chords and solo in pentatonic but I dont reallyg et music theory so chord wise I am stuck playing progressions I find online and soloing wise I am bored with pentatonic and want to play more interesting riffs.

Student in Berlin: Guitar

I am a drummer for 12 years and have played guitar on the side, but haven't had proper guitar lessons for years. I know how to tune, play basic (bar) chords, some knowledge about pentatonic scales and some music theory knowledge. I would love to improve technique and learn how to play in a jam session.

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