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Teacher opportunities in Sofia

Do you want to work imparting private classes in Sofia?

Multi-Language Cafe is looking for experienced, qualified tutors working in the following domains: languages, music, arts, culture, technology, business, sports and school tutoring.

You set your own hourly rates and your own schedule. We handle student registrations, course payments, class bookings and class cancellations, so you can concentrate on what you do best: teaching.

Classes can take place at the student's home or office, or in public places like coffee shops, schools and libraries. Classes can also be imparted online by Skype, or via our Virtual classroom.

In Sofia, teachers in these areas are needed the most:

Languages teacher jobs in Sofia
Languages : English, Bulgarian.

However, we encourage you to apply regardless of the discipline you teach, since new students join our website every day and other subjects are in demand for online classes by students in other cities.

If you are an independent teacher looking for employment, or if you are interested in earning extra revenue teaching in person or online, Multi-Language Cafe is the website you need.

Recent tutor requests:

Student in Sofia: Guitar

Playing on my own since January. I know simple chords, getting better at bar chords, practicing smoothing out transitions. I want to work on strumming/fingerpicking techniques and to make sure I am not developing bad habits without a teacher.

Student in Sofia: Bulgarian

Ich möchte eine Probestunde machen. Mein Sprachwissen ist klein. Ich lebe in Sofia und daher möchte ich bulgarische sprechen können.

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