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Liviu Dirdala


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Spoken languages: English


Hello! I am passionate young guitar player who is interested in finding and developing his own creative voice as well as in becoming a very accomplished musician in the music industry.

So, to give some information about what I do musically and how I can help students and pupils to achieve their goals, I have been both self-taught and taking lessons with some of the top teachers in the music industry. Thus I have been accepted at the most challenging course from the Institute and have obtained distinctive results!

In order to be specific, I can teach you guitar technique representative for Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Fusion, Country etc.

Besides the motor skills, I concentrate on vocabulary, musical phrases, chord progressions and, ultimately, actual songs for these styles of music.

I also teach students everything they need to know about harmony and theory, improvising, fretboard skills, ear training and home recording (music production).

Please note that I will teach only what YOU are interested in! So it is just as fine for me to teach you all of the things mentioned above as it is to teach you to just strum some simple chords, if that is what you want! Get in touch with me if you want to see or hear some more of my work!


I am currently a student at the highly reputed Institute of Contemporary Music Performance! Being in my final year of the BMus (Hons) Guitar course, I am also studying and preparing to become a successful music and guitar teacher and so, I will obtain the Teaching Licentiate and the Rockschool Certificate. These two qualifications describe the proficiency and devotion not only in sharing my knowledge, but also in my ability to deliver the right information, at the right pace for every student or group of students! In this way, everybody would benefit from the appropriate method of teaching that would be best suited for them.


I have taught children from 7 years old to 30 year old adults within 3 years time. I started to develop my teachings in my home country, Romainia, and have continued this process from 2013 as well, when I moved in London.