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I tailor the lesson plan to match the topics you want to learn about and your ability. We work on grammar to improve your conversational skills. After the intial assessment, we work on requested vocabulary and figure out what you want to get out of improving your English skills. We work accordingly

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I use a method that makes sure the student is having fun and is completely customized to the student's individual interests. The classes are offered via Skype or face to face. We focus on developing speaking skills and the ability to use language in real life situations and live dialogues. Keeping the class environment as casual as possible is essential to having a fun class.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 17.00
2 students: €15.00
3+ students: €13.00
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หลักสูตรนี้จะช่วยให้คุณสามารถเรียนรู้คำศัพท์ภาษาอังกฤษได้อย่างถูกต้อง หัวข้อที่เราจะสอนคุณ

This course will help you to learn pronounce English words correctly. A few topics we will teach you are,
the sounds of letters, how to use consonant & vowel in pronouncing, learn reading techniques for easy pronunciation and pick real life words of your choice to learn to pronounce correctly.

Kursus ini akan membantu anda belajar menyebut perkataan Bahasa Inggeris dengan betul. Beberapa topik yang akan kami ajar adalah, bunyi huruf, teknik menggunakan konsonan & vokal, belajar teknik membaca dengan mudah dan pilih kata-kata sebenar pilihan anda yang kami akan ajarkan sebutannya.

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I use the formula approach, which allows for your brain to see the overall view of what you are learning. This way you are more confident in learning and it creates an easy applicability.

Hourly rates: (THB ฿)
1 student: ฿250.00
2 students: ฿200.00
3+ students: ฿150.00
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English Teachers Bordeaux

English Courses in Bordeaux >

Anglais Americain Add to my list

Teacher: Aubrey Richardson (Bordeaux)

(Teacher originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA)

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Cours assurés par une professeurs de langue maternelle anglaise - moi!
Vous progressez à votre rythme, Votre suivi est individuel ou groupe. La langue s'apprend en pratiquant! L'immersion et la frequence guarantie du succes! Selon vos besoins - professional, voyage, examen - on va reussir!

Native english speaker with an american accent. I help you progress at your own rhythm Languages are learned by practicing and immersion! Frequency guarantees success. Whatever your needs are, my expertise will help you achieve success - professional, travelling, for an exam - we will succeed!

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My teaching experience enables me to easily assess my students strengths and weaknesses and help to build it up. I make english lessons fun - english with a smile and a laugh! People learn better if they enjoy doing it! I have both a science and language academic background - but in my head I'm the opposite - I can approach both schools of thought and understand learning from an academic and cultural perspective.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 20.00
2 students: €15.00
3+ students: €10.00
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English Teachers Kyoto

English Courses in Kyoto >

英会話 Add to my list

Teacher: Eric Walker (Kyoto)

(Teacher originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

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英会話、大人, 個人レッスンかグループレッスン、資料が提供される場合があります

Guided Conversation, Not "Free Conversation", Materials Provided if Requested, 1 Adult Private or 2+ Adults Sessions

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自由な会話ではなくて、ガイド付きの会話です。というは、一緒に適当な会話考えて、僕はその目的に近づくためにガイドします。いろいろな経験があって、楽しく勉強しましょう!Always having fun, always challenging ourselves.

Hourly rates: (JPY ¥)
1 student: ¥3,500.00
2 students: ¥3,000.00
3+ students: ¥2,500.00
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English Teachers Hanoi

English Courses in Hanoi >

Trình bày và đàm phán kỹ năng Add to my list

Teacher: Chauncey Roberts (Hanoi)

(Teacher originally from Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

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Presentation and negotiation skills for business leaders, general English, business English. Covers strategies and tactics, verbiage and vocabulary, idiomatic expressions. Formulas for success!

Präsentations- und Verhandlungsgeschick für Führungskräfte, allgemeines Englisch, Business-Englisch. Umfasst Strategien und Taktiken, Verbiage und Vokabeln, idiomatische Ausdrücke. Erfolgsformeln!

Compétences en matière de présentation et de négociation pour les chefs d'entreprise, anglais général, anglais des affaires. Couvre les stratégies et les tactiques, le verbiage et le vocabulaire, les expressions idiomatiques. Des formules pour réussir!

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Extensive international background, including teaching this specific course, along with innate charisma and intelligence allow this instructor to create a nourishing, uplifting, motivational experience in learning the skills while challenging oneself appropriately.

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $30.00
2 students: $24.00
3+ students: $20.00
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English Teachers Bogota

English Courses in Bogota >

Clases de Inglés Add to my list

Teacher: Damon Troy (Bogota)

(Teacher originally from Minneapolis, United States)

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Ofrezco clases básicas, intermedias y avanzadas de inglés en línea. Las clases pueden ser pura conversación o clases con lecciones y ejercicios.

I offer basic, intermediate, and advanced English classes online. The classes can be just conversation practice or classes with specific lesson with specific focus on a certain type of grammar or vocabulary and activities.

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We practice using language in the context of real situations of the student's real life. Grammar is not explained constantly but rather it's used in context so student understands the in which it's used.

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $12.00
2 students: $18.00
3+ students: $12.00
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English Teachers Cape Town

English Courses in Cape Town >

Easy English Conversation Add to my list

Teacher: Loudine Heunis (Cape Town)

(Teacher originally from Cape Town, South Africa)

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Beginner level English for conversation. I will teach you the basics of English grammar that you can use in conversation. This course will be ideal for young students who are learning English for the first time, as well as for older students who forgot the English grammar they learnt in school.

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I believe that learning should be fun, firstly. I have developed a style that starts with the basics and follows through a number of steps to build a strong base to develop your speaking, listening and writing skills.

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $25.00
2 students: $18.00
3+ students: $12.00
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English Teachers Madrid

English Courses in Madrid >

Gramática y conversación Add to my list

Teacher: Emily Terry (Madrid)

(Teacher originally from Austin, Texas, United States)

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En esta clase, vamos a enfocarnos en gramática de ingles que típicamente es más difïcil para los hispanohablantes. Para aprenderlo bien, vamos a practicar estas temas en conversaciones que seguramente vas a encontrar en la vida real.

In this class, we will be focusing on english grammar that is typically more difficult for spanish speakers. In order to learn it well, we will practice these themes in conversations that you will surely encounter in real life.

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As someone who has learned another language, I know how important a comfortable and supportive learning environment is. I think it is important to tackle difficult things and know how to laugh at yourself in the process. I will challenge you in conversation, while making it fun at the same time! I hope to provide personalized constructive feedback and let you walk away each day feeling like you have learned something useful!

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 15.00
2 students: €10.00
3+ students: €7.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Monterrey

English Courses in Monterrey >

Inglés de negocios Add to my list

Teacher: Michael Williams (Monterrey)

(Teacher originally from Carmarthen Wales)

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Mis cursos de negocios incluyen materiales auténticos de empresas reales. Proporcionan el lenguaje cotidiano y las estructuras que los estudiantes necesitan en situaciones profesionales específicas. Énfasis en escuchar y hablar, con juegos de rol frecuentes y conversación.

My Business English courses involve consistent use of authentic materials from real companies. They provide the everyday language and structures which learners need in specific professional situations. Emphasis on listening and speaking, with frequent role plays and conversation-based activities.

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Due to my ESL experience and Treacher training background. I have found that within a couple of classes I am able to identify my student's strengths and weaknesses. I like to work on both to improve my students English level.

Hourly rates: (MXN $)
1 student: $300.00
2 students: $200.00
3+ students: $140.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Buenos Aires

English Courses in Buenos Aires >

Conversación en inglés Add to my list

Teacher: Olivia McCartney (Buenos Aires)

(Teacher originally from Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

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Este curso es para mejor sus habilidades conversación en la idioma inglés con énfasis en la escucha, la fluidez, la pronunciación y el vocabulario. El tema de la clase se decide con anticipación, con los deseos y los intereses personales del estudiante en mente.

This course is to improve conversation skills in English language with an emphasis on listening skills, fluidity, pronunciation and vocabulary. The topic of each class is decided before the next with the students desires for the class and personal interests in mind.

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This course is designed around the desires and personal interests of the student. Each class has a theme and we will have a discussion about that topic introducing new vocabulary, idioms and collocations. During the class I (the teacher) write down any new vocabulary and mispronunced words to go over at the end of class and or the beginning of the next.

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $20.00
2 students: $15.00
3+ students: $12.00
Fees apply. View details.

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Proficiency level

Your English proficiency level will be evaluated by the teacher according to this framework:

A1 - Beginner:

  • Understands familiar English expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of concrete needs.
  • Can introduce him/herself and answer questions about personal details such as the place of residence and belongings.
  • Can hold a simple conversation in English if the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

A2 - Elementary:

  • Understands frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate relevance like personal and family information.
  • Can communicate in routine situations requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar matters.
  • Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and immediate needs.

B1 - Intermediate:

  • Understands the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in everyday situations.
  • Can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where English is spoken.
  • Can produce simple, connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
  • Can describe events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give explanations for opinions and plans.

B2 - Independent:

  • Understands the main ideas of complex English text on both concrete and abstract topics.
  • Interaction with native English speakers can happen with fluency and spontaineity and without strain for either party.
  • Can produce clear text on a wide variety of subjects and expose a point of view given the various options.

C1 - Advanced:

  • Understands a wide range of demanding, longer English texts, and recognizes implicit meaning.
  • Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Can use English flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
  • Can produce detailed, well-structured text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns and connectors.

C2 - Proficient:

  • Easily understands virtually everything heard or read in English.
  • Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources and reconstruct arguments in a coherent presentation.
  • Expresses him/herself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in complex situations.