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Técnicas de estudio

Teacher: Victoria Alvarado (San Jose)

ARTeacher from Argentina. Speaks Spanish, English.

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Desarrollaremos técnicas de estudio para estudiantes de primaria, basándose en las necesidades educativas de cada uno y en la forma de aprendizaje.

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Como tomaré en cuenta las características de cada estudiante, las técnicas de estudio resultan muy efectivas ya que se adaptan a las necesidades que cada persona tiene y necesita aplicar.

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Hourly rates (USD $)

1 student$20.00
2 students$18.00
3 students or more$16.00
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Tutoring Teachers Saskatoon

Tutoring Courses in Saskatoon / Online

Preparation for exams

Teacher: Adine Thivierge-Wight (Saskatoon)

CATeacher from Canada. Speaks English.

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This class will help you to concentrate your efforts in looking at the big picture of a subject, unit or course and help you determine what you should study for. This course would be suitable for elementary - high school level student(s) focusing on humanities, biology, photgraphyy or info proc.

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Organizing your notes and making concept maps to discover what that big picture of the course is. Going through practice exams and also providing visuals for people that just cant read over notes to prep and actually want to learn and know why they are learning the content.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$25.00 [~$20.27]
2 students$18.00 [~$14.60]
3 students or more$12.00 [~$9.73]

No matter what the grade level, all students can benefit from a basic tune up of writing, math and any other skills that may atrophy over the summer. The focus of this course will be on basic review of the last year's curriculum in preparation for a solid start in the new grade in September.

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Based on the previous grade, students will be given a solid review of math and writing skills from the previous year to address any deficits present and to ensure that the student enters the new grade with a solid background needed to succeed. Ongoing support for the new grade in September will be available at the discretion of the student/parent.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$40.00 [~$32.44]
2 students$35.00 [~$28.38]
3 students or more$30.00 [~$24.33]

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