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Frequent questions

What is MultiLanguage Cafe?

Our purpose is to make it easy for you to find high-quality courses and teachers in your city or abroad. Regular schools' schedules and programs are not always convenient for people with busy agendas or students with particular objectives. Multi-Language Cafe allows you to register to the best private courses and start taking classes immediately.

Where do classes take place?

Classes may take place at home, in your office or in a public setting such as a coffee shop, a library or a university. Classes can also be taken online. Each teacher proposes a list of possible locations and you can choose the most convenient place at the moment you register to the course.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes, all our teachers have university-level education and/or appropriate training certificates. Most teachers are multilingual. You can see the teachers' qualifications and experience in their online profile.

Can I take group lessons?

Yes, however only one person is responsible for the registration and the bookings for the entire group.

What are the prices?

Teachers set their own prices. In general, prices per student are lower if you form a group. An administration fee is added to the listed prices. An additional fee is added if you purchase a single class. These fees may be different for different countries. The exact amounts can be seen on the page of each course.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made online with a credit card or with PayPal.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with a particular teacher?

The money you add to your account can be used for any course with any teacher. If you think a particular teacher doesn't meet your standards you can register to a different course with a different teacher.

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