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Do you want to work giving classes online?

Multi-Language Cafe is looking for experienced, qualified tutors working in the following domains: languages, music, arts, culture, technology, business, sports and school tutoring. We have students from all over the world!

You set your own hourly rates and your own schedule. We handle student registrations, course payments, class bookings and class cancellations, so you can concentrate on what you do best: teaching.

You can teach online using the channel of your choice:

  • Teach online in our virtual classroomOur virtual classroom
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  • ...among others.

* Classes can also be imparted in person.

If you are an independent teacher looking for employment, or if you are interested in earning extra revenue teaching online, Multi-Language Cafe is the website you need.

Recent tutor requests:

Student in Berlin: Dutch

Hello, good morning, I am looking some dutch or flemisch course for my child 5 years old. Online or in person, prefer in person. He is trilingual, know next year we will move to the Belgium and he schould begin to the primary school. As I understood he can not begin without language to the primary school. So, I am looking some course, which is able to teach ducth my son 5 years old. Thanks

Student in St. Catharines: English

Necesito aprender inglés para poder entrar a un college o universidad acá en Canadá. Me gustaría un profesor personalizado y que me garantice un aprendizaje rápido y eficaz. Me gustaría aprender antes de que se acabe este año

Student in Mexico City: Russian

solicito un maestro, o perito que traduzca de ruso a español, en la ciudad de mexico

Student in Montreal: Portuguese

Portuguais -Brésil

Student in Montreal: Computer

Wordpress design and construction tutorials.

Student in Santander: Tagalog

hola,me interesaria aprender tagalog,pero no solo con las tipicas frases hechas ,sino de forma estructurada(cada palabra,su significado)gracias.

Student in Montreal: Singing

Bonjour, Je cherche un professeur de chant grec qui parle français pour des cours privé en octobre. Merci, Gabrielle Allard

Student in Manizales: English

Intermediate level

Student in Vaughan: Saxophone

Clases de saxofón

Student in Vaughan: Saxophone

learn to play saxophone

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