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Forum: Japanese

Question: classes in person

IS (Montreal), 4 comment(s)

Forum: French

Question: What are good ways to practice French?

EP (Montreal), 2 comment(s)

Forum: English

Question: How to improve my accent in English

AC (Barcelona), 17 comment(s)

Forum: Spanish

Question: Any good books for practising basic Spanish reading?

MN (New York), 9 comment(s)

Forum: Japanese

Cours interactifs de japonais

Multilanguage Cafe (Montreal)

Forum: Arab

Question: What kind of Arab language should I learn?

EP (Montreal), 3 comment(s)

Forum: Turkish

Question: Learning Turkish in preparation for travel to Turkey

MH (Vancouver), 3 comment(s)

Forum: Korean

Recherche formateur de Coréen

JD (Laval), 1 comment(s)

Forum: Korean

Question: Learning Korean to live in Korea

HI (London), 1 comment(s)

Forum: Piano

Question: Taking piano lessons as an adult

LS (Los Angeles), 3 comment(s)

Forum: Portuguese

Question: Preparing for the CIPLE Portuguese exam

KS (Montreal), 1 comment(s)

Forum: Japanese

Question: Japanese JLPT level required for working in Japan

CF (Toronto), 1 comment(s)

Forum: French

How to find the best online French teachers

Multilanguage Cafe (Montreal)

Forum: Languages

How to master a foreign language?

Multilanguage Cafe (Montreal)