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Country of origin: Greece

Mother language: Greek : Ελληνικά

Spoken languages: Greek, English

"The teacher is very well prepared and dynamic!", Montreal

"Anna is an excellent tutor! I highly recommend her for Greek lessons. ", Montreal

"Teacher is very well prepared and dynamic!", Montreal

"Super prof ! Merci beaucoup !", Montreal

About the teacher

Hello! I am Anna and I was born and raised in Greece, Athens. I moved to Montreal to continue my studies. I understand the difficulties when it comes to learn a new language from scratch, so that's why i want my classes to be fun and effective. I am very open, friendly and outgoing person and I look forward to help you learn Greek

Γειά σας! Ονομάζομαι Άννα και είμαι από την όμορφη Ελλάδα, έχω γεννηθεί και μεγαλώσει στην Αθήνα. Πρόσφατα μετακόμισα στο Μόντρεαλ και σπουδάζω στο Concordia. Από προσωπική εμπειρία, ξέρω οτι να μάθεις μια γλώσσα από την αρχή είναι πολύ δύσκολο. Γι' αυτό και τα μαθήματα κάθε φορά είναι προσαρμοσμένα σύμφωνα με τις ανάγκες και τις φιλοδοξίες του κάθε ενδιαφερόμενου. Είμαι πολύ ανοιχτός, ευχάριστος και υπομονετικός χαρακτήρας και ανυπομονώ να σας βοηθήσω να μάθετε ελληνικά!


Biology (BSc), Concordia

Diploma of Lykeio (High School), 3rd General Senior High School at Ilion Athens, Greece


Private Tutor, 2011-Present
Experienced in private tutoring service for all ages and levels. The material taught is designed carefully to each individual's needs, age or profession. Prepared learning resources for vocabulary, grammar, oral or writing skills. Tutored students at Concordia University on Greek courses such as Mythology, Modern or Ancient Greek.

Greek Teacher at Platon Omeros School, South Shore, and Aristotelis- Montreal 2014-2017
Classroom experienced with elementary and high school students, taught subjects such as Greek Language, Greek History, Geography, Religion and Mythology as well as Greek culture, but more importantly comprehending Greek language through Greek grammar, reading, writing and understanding.