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Jorge Sanchez

Mexico City

Country of origin: Mexico

Mother language: Spanish : Español

Spoken languages: English, French, Portuguese

"Professeur très sympathique et attentionné. ", Montreal

About the teacher

Hola, me llamo Jorge, soy profesor certificado de español de la ciudad de México. Después de 5 años viviendo en Europa, regrese a la ciudad de México. Enseñé español en Londres a estudiantes y profesionistas de diversas edades, nacionalidades. Me encanta estudiar y enseñar idiomas y la comunicación intercultural.

Hola, my name's Jorge, I'm from Mexico City and I love learning and teaching languages. I love making friends from around the world to exchange different perspectives of life and learn from each other. I lived 5 years in Europe where I taught to students and professionals from very different ages and backgrounds.

Coucou! Je m'appelle Jorge, je suis mexicain de la ville de Mexico. Je suis professeur d'espagnol et anglais. J'adore enseigner l'espagnol et apprendre autre langues. Je parle anglais, portugais et français. Tu viens au Mexique? Faites moi signe si vous êtes intéressé en apprendre ou pratiquer ton espagnol.


Certificado de español como lengua extranjera (International House, February 2017)
MSc in Information Technology (University of Glasgow, December 2013)
I'm currently studying a degree in Classics as I want to learn Greek and Latin which I'm sure will enrich my skills as a Language Tutor.


I have taught Spanish in the United Kingdom and Mexico for students and professionals from diverse ages, backgrounds and nationalities. I originally have a background in Information Technology but I decided to shift my career towards my passion for languages and intercultural communication.