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Summer tune up

Course description:

No matter what the grade level, all students can benefit from a basic tune up of writing, math and any other skills that may atrophy over the summer. The focus of this course will be on basic review of the last year's curriculum in preparation for a solid start in the new grade in September.

Teaching approach:

Based on the previous grade, students will be given a solid review of math and writing skills from the previous year to address any deficits present and to ensure that the student enters the new grade with a solid background needed to succeed. Ongoing support for the new grade in September will be available at the discretion of the student/parent.

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentCAD $40.00 [~USD $31.29]
2 studentsCAD $35.00 [~USD $27.38]
3 students or moreCAD $30.00 [~USD $23.47]

* Plus CAD $5.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: CAD $5.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: Not available

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Dhana Matthews

Spoken languages: English

About the teacher

My name is Dhana Matthews and I have been teaching for 20 years. I live in the greater Vancouver area (Delta) and love teaching the wide variety of students who come through my classroom every year. I love the energy students bring to the education system and I learn more every year as I adapt to the unique needs of learners. In my free time I love spending time with my son in his many activities and enjoy our work with rescue animals.


B.A. In Psychology, minor in English from UBC (1990)
B.Ed from UBC (1994)
Diploma in Educational Psychology ( focus in learning disabilities) from UBC (1998?)


I have taught elementary students in all subjects, K-7 through time as a teacher on call and through tutoring. I have also taught Socials 8-11, History 12, secondary English, secondary math up to grade 10, and have taught AP Psychology, IB Psychology and the Extended Essay for IB. I have worked primarily in the Delta School District and tutored on my own and have tutored university students in Psychology, English and History courses. I can help students with assignments, study skills, exam preparation and essay writing.

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Learn Humanities: Writing - essay/paragraph

Learn Humanities: Social Studies 11 exam preparation

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