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Sing in English like a native! Improve English pronunciation and vocal technique from a New York City trained Stage Manager.

Vamos a cantar en Inglés! Mejorar la pronunciación del inglés y la técnica vocal desde una director de Nueva York.

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Here's your chance to use the English you already know in a fun, natural way! Learning your favorite English Karaoke songs will not only help you sing, but also help you speak with proper pronunciation. You will become more confident when speaking English with natives, and impress your friends at Karaoke! このプログラムは、英語を楽しく自然に使えるようになるチャンスです。また歌を通して楽しく学ぶことで自然にネイティブのような発音ができるようになるため、ユニークです! あなたの好きな英語のカラオケ曲を学ぶことは、歌を歌うのに役立つだけでなく、適切な発音で話すのにも役立ちます。 ネイティブと英語を話すときにも自信をもてるようになり、カラオケで友達を感動させることができます!

Hourly rates: (JPY ¥)
1 student: ¥3,000.00
2 students: ¥2,500.00
3+ students: ¥2,000.00
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Guitar Teachers Ho Chi Minh

Guitar Courses in Ho Chi Minh >

Guitar hiện đại cơ bản Add to my list

Teacher: Sheehan Jordan (Ho Chi Minh)

(Teacher originally from Ottawa, Canada)

Course details

Tôi sẽ dạy cho bạn những điều cơ bản của guitar hiện đại. Học các ghi chú trên cần đàn, làm thế nào để đọc tablature, làm thế nào để xây dựng cung tiến và làm thế nào để tư mình chơi trên đầu trang của họ.

I will teach you the basics of modern guitar. Learning the notes on the fretboard, how to read Tablature, how to build chord progressions and how to solo over top of them.

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I will focus on the guitar as opposed to a classical music approach. I will work on alternative/rock and roll guitar techniques and teach a guitar based music theory (TABs).

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $25.00
2 students: $18.00
3+ students: $12.00
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Gli esercizi di respirazione, Alexander tecnica, il riscaldamento della voce, legere musica, i vocalizzi, la tecnica di belcanto italiano, arie antiche

The breathing exercises, Alexandar technique, the warm up of the voice, reading music, vocalizes, the italian belcanto technique

Vezbe disanja, Aleksandar tehnika, raspevavanje, citanje nota, vokalize, tehnika italijanskog belkanta

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I am myself a singer, I will sing with the student, I know some fantastic simple duets, and the italian opera is much more interesting than it seems :)

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 20.00
2 students: €15.00
3+ students: €10.00
Fees apply. View details.

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